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White Line Equipment Services LLC Rental Agreement 919-748-0630

BETWEEN: White Line Equipment Services


RENTER: First Name______________________ Last Name__________________________________

Street Address___________________________________ City_____________ State____ Zip_________


1. Trailer options:

_____7×24 Equipment/Car Trailer

_____5×8 Enclosed Trailer

_____7×14 Enclosed Trailer

_____6×12 Dump Trailer

_____7×14 Dump Trailer

Additional equipment available:

• Motorcycle chock $25 each for term of rental. (7×14 can accommodate 2 bikes, 5×8 can accommodate 1 bike)

Number of chocks rented, 1 or 2 (circle), cost $_____ Initial_____

• Hitch $10 for term of rental

Rented yes or no (circle), cost $10 Initial_____

2. Reservation

Reservation requires a cash deposit in the amount equal to 1 days rental.

*Full rental amount for intended rental duration is due upon receipt of trailer. White Line does not rent in increments for less than a full day.

Rental Period_____/_____/_____ to _____/_____/_____

Pickup time__________AM or PM (circle) Drop off time__________AM or PM (circle)

Daily rentals are 24hrs from pickup time and are available Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm or Saturday between 9am-12pm. Saturday rentals are due back on Monday at 9am.


Renters Signature acknowledging the return period guidelines:___________________________

3. Damage Deposit

At the point of rental, White Line may place an authorization amount of up to $250.00 on the credit/debit card provided, to cover the estimated rental charges and any additional charges that may be incurred plus the estimated charges on a customer’s card, given certain conditions that will be outlined at time of rental. Initial_____

4. Payment

Renter shall pay all charges incurred in connection with the rental. Renter agrees that if the person or company indicated by renter to be responsible for payment fails to make payment; renter will pay charges on demand. Initial_____

5. Loss or Damage to Trailer

Renter shall pay White Line for all loss, damage and/or mechanical repairs to trailer and accessories; regardless of fault, resulting from abuse and/or misuse and/or negligence. Initial_____

6. Prohibited Use

The trailer listed above shall not be used:

a) By anyone not specifically named in the agreement. Initial_____

b) By anyone whose ability to operate tow vehicle is impaired in any way. Initial_____

c) Outside of North Carolina without written consent. Initial_____

d) In violation of any law. Initial_____

7. Loss of Use

Renter agrees to pay a sum equal to the regular daily rate of the trailer for each day the trailer is unavailable for rent, regardless of fault, while any damage and/or mechanical repairs for which the renter is responsible for are made. Initial_____

8. Reporting of Accidents and Theft

Renter shall report any accident or theft involving the trailer to the police and shall complete a written report as soon as possible and notify White Line in any event within 24 hours at 919-748-0630 or 607-343-4952. Initial_____

9. Tickets, Tolls and/or Fines

Renter shall pay all fines, tolls and other costs associated with the traffic and parking violations issued during the rental period. Initial_____

10. Personal Property

White Line is not responsible for any loss or damage of any personal property left in, upon or carried in/on the trailer. Initial_____

11. Loads (see Material Reference Guide)

Renter agrees to pay for all damage and/or mechanical repairs resulting from vehicle being overloaded, improperly loaded, or resulting from an insecure load. Initial_____

12. Tow Vehicle

a) Tow vehicles are not covered by White Line Equipment Services insurance. Renter must provide proof of insurance. Initial_____

b) If the trailer is damaged by a tow vehicle, renter shall pay for all damage, loss of use and towing. Initial_____

c) Wiring MUST be in good working order. Any problems or adjustments must be repaired, and the cost is the responsibility of the renter. Initial_____

13. Delays and Breakdowns

White Line is not responsible for loss of time, wages, inconvenience, loss of use of the vehicle or other consequential damage or experience. Initial_____

14. Licenses and Permits

Any additional licenses or permits required by provincial or state authorities are the responsibility of the renters. Renters must be over the age of 21 and have a valid driver’s license. Initial_____

15. Waiver and Release

Renter agrees to release, indemnify and hold White Line Equipment Services and its subsidiaries and affiliates harmless from and against any and all third-party claims for:

a) All loss, damage, theft or destruction of the trailer, tow vehicle or personal property during the terms of this agreement. Initial_____

b) Any and all claims or causes of action for death, personal injury or damage to property arising out of or connected with renters use of the trailer, including but not limited to, any renter, authorized user of the trailer, and its employees, agents, and representatives. Initial_____

___________________________________ ____________________________________

Renters Signature and Date Printed Name


White Line Equipment Services Representative


 Signature and Date Printed Name

Print the Agreement

Please click the. button and download the rental agreement. Once read and signed, please bring the agreement when renting your trailer.

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